International Association of Facial Orthotropics

In 1995 a group of Dentists, Orthodontists, Chiropractors and other health workers were concerned about the increasing use of mechanics and surgery to treat biological problems. They met in Fort Worth, Texas, America and agreed to form an International Association to promote alternative methods for correcting crooked teeth and disproportioned jaws. These had not existed in primitive societies and it was agreed that more Natural Methods should be used whenever possible and the following Positional Statement was accepted.
This association represents all those clinicians and technicians who believe that ideal development of the face and jaws is dependent on correct 'oral posture'. Correct posture should be with the tongue resting against the palate, with the lips sealed and the teeth in or near contact. We are committed to improving unattractive faces and crowded teeth by guiding the growth of the jaws horizontally while the patient is young, by means of appliances (Facial Orthotropics), supported by postural training of the tongue, lips and cheeks (Oral Myology).
Subsequently branches of the International Association were set up in several countries and each branch became responsible for their own organisation. The International Association retained responsibility for individual clinicians from other countries and maintaining a list of all Orthotropic clinicians and their qualifications.
It was agreed that these qualifications should provide guidance for the public and reflect the ability of the individual clinicians to positively affect the growth of the face. Members should be free to achieve horizontal growth by any method they prefer and exams should be set by an International Board to assess their ability to do so ... Read More


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