Become an Orthotropist

Many dentists and their patients believe Orthotropics will replace Orthodontics in the future. There will always be some older patients who want their teeth straightened quickly and don’t mind possible extractions but most will realise that Orthotropics is the best method because it routinely improves the appearance of the face as well as avoiding all extractions and leaving the teeth permanently straight. The problem of course is that Orthotropics is much more difficult to do and demands complete cooperation from the patient. However, history shows that the best method usually predominates in the end.
Sadly there are currently few schools where students can learn Orthotropics and some are better than others. Students are encouraged to search for the schools with the best reputation in their area. Currently most countries only allow Dentists or Doctors to provide Orthotropic treatment but this may change in the future. Anyone with suitable qualifications may apply for membership or take specialist exams, either at one of the approved schools or by attending training courses in different countries. The International Association will provide details of future courses or alternatively those wanting training in their own area can gather a group together and ask for instructors to visit.