Educational Centres

We are committed to recognising the worth and potential of individuals and widening participation.

Our Educational Centres aims include:

•    Correction of the facial growth of children and adults
•    To ensure children’s faces develop in the most attractive and healthiest way
•    Ensuring that children are able to breath healthily and avoid ENT problems
•    Giving the patients confidence with more beautiful appearance
•    Avoid the unnecessary extraction of teeth and jaw surgery
•    Enjoyment of learning
•    Satisfaction in passing on skills
•    Sharing knowledge and ideas
•    Creating communities of learners
•    Contributing to a better society


List of Orthotropics Educational Centres:

American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopaedics

North American Association of Facial Orthotropics

Calgary Centre of Facial Orthotropics, Canada

Face Focused Orthotropics Educational Centre, USA

West Michigan Orthotropics Study Centre, USA

Italian Group of Facial Orthotropics, Italia

Japanese Facial Orthotropics Study Group, Japan

Korean Orthotropics Institute, South Korea

London School of Facial Orthotropics, United Kingdom

RAMPA Orthotropics Educational Institute, Japan

School for Functional Orthodontics, Israel

Ukrainian Group of Facial Orthotropics

Asian Academy of Facial Orthotropics


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