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Positional statement

The International Association of Facial Growth Guidance (Orthotropics®)

Chairman – Dr Eugene Bonofiglo


This association represents all those clinicians and technicians who believe that ideal development of the face and jaws is dependent on correct 'oral posture'. Correct posture should be with the tongue resting against the palate, with the lips sealed and the teeth in light contact for 4 to 8 hours a day. We are committed to improving unattractive faces and crowded teeth by guiding the growth of the jaws horizontally while the patient is young, by means of appliances (Facial Orthotropics), supported by postural training of the tongue, lips and cheeks (Oral Myology). 

Most children start out with attractive faces but if they leave their mouths open, their face will grow vertically and they are likely to develop into unattractive teenagers with long faces, flat cheeks, prominent noses, and protruding front teeth. Alternatively they may have the common habit of resting the tongue between the teeth and sucking against them when swallowing. This will cause the teeth to tilt inwards and crowd, causing the middle of the face to look concave. Many types of treatment will straighten teeth but most tend to pull them back, necessitating extractions and further reducing room for the tongue. Orthotropists believe that this is detrimental to facial development and that ideal facial growth together with permanent straightening of all the teeth only being achieved if room is provided for the tongue and the patient is taught to keep their mouth closed and swallow correctly. 


By joining with all those who hold similar views, we can let the public know that there is an alternative to extractions, surgery and mechanics. 

Our aim is to support our members as they grow and develop their orthotropic skills. We have created a portfolio of membership benefits which are designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools and advice to improve your orthotropic knowledge and practical abilities. Benefits included as part of the annual membership fee cover resources such as:


  • Present in the registered list of Orthotropic providers; in the “Find an Orthotropist” section

The most essential part of membership of the IAFGG is your inclusion on the list of registered practitioners. These listings will include members’ orthotropics and orthodontic education, their clinic details, website and emails which will be added to the “Find an Orthotropist” world map in order for patients and other professionals to find you.


  • Usage of Orthotropic logo and brand name

All IAFGG members can use the logo of orthotropics at their clinic and on their website, letterhead and emails


  • Discount on particular accredited orthotropic courses and seminars

All members will receive between 20% to 50% discount on a number of courses and seminars.


  • Annual orthotropic CPD Webinar covering orthotropic advancement

In order to increase the orthotropic knowledge and skills of IAFGG members we will run a yearly webinar to discuss new techniques and ideas on orthotropics science. All IAFGG members will get free access to this webinars and can improve their skills and abilities. This will cover specific subjects that members have requested, new advancements and research, as well as tips and hints.


  • Orthotropic educational case studies

Viewing case examples is an essential part of learning. Apart from the forum where you are able to upload case material yourself and view the discussions that others are having, there is also a bank of treated cases that you can view and review.

They represent a range of problems with good documentation from start to finish, detailing the orthotropics treatment provided, including useful information on diagnosis, treatment planning, actual treatment difficulties and challenges, prediction of results, post treatment necessary actions and possible long-term follow ups


  • Orthotropic clinical supporting documents including template of orthotropic consent form, Medical History form, Pre- treatment guide etc.

One of the hardest things about doing something different is that there are no ready-made forms scripts and information packs. At the LSFO we have developed all of these over many years of trail and error, as have several other orthotropists who have shared their practice material with us. Membership gives you access to all these documents, allowing you to cut, paste and modify these documents as you wish to build your own unique package for your clinic. It saves time and effort and also we know that these are documents that work especially when things do not go exactly as planned!


  • Orthotropic discussion forum

Membership provides you with access to several forum pages;

  • The forum on the main site
  • The orthotropics facebook discussion site (for members only)
  • The linked-in orthotropics discussion site (for members only)

All three sites are moderated and Prof John Mew and Dr Mike Mew are available for comments and input as well as orthotropics professionals from around the world. By keeping the sites closed this is a place where you can discuss cases openly not worry about disclosing confidential material or being judged for your lack of knowledge. Orthotropics is a developing field, one in which people are learning and it is important to have forums where cases can be discussed and debated.



  • Orthotropic resources including articles and publications

What key papers and important quotes can you remember from your dental or for some your orthodontic training, usually very few? Orthotropics is built on a solid scientific base, which surpasses all other forms of orthodontic therapy. The web site acts as a scientific resource for its members, for such situations as;

  • Validating therapy to your patients, local groups or anyone challenging you
  • To improve your orthotropic knowledge
  • Finding facts when building a web site, or designing promotional material.
  • Support for anyone doing research in the field.

 The page will provide you with access to complete text of orthotropics and orthodontics articles, book chapters and hand-outs. Including the 100 most influential articles for orthotropic therapy.

This will include;

  • Access to live case discussion groups (a premium is charged to have your case discussed by orthotropics masters)
  • Access to pre-recorded events
  • Access to a library of treatment videos made my Prof John and Dr Mike Mew and other members of the IAFGG. 


Membership levels:

Registered Master Member
An expert in Orthotropics as determined by criteria set up by the Board.

Membership Fee: £150 per annum

Registered Member
Dentists fully trained in Orthotropics as determined by criteria set up by the Board.

Membership Fee: £150 per annum

Provisional Member
A dentist or orthodontist who is interested in Orthotropics but has not yet received full training. This category is limited to two years by which time applicants must have attended a course and/or taken a written test as determined by criteria set up by the board.

Membership Fee: £100 per annum

Affiliate Member 
This is for all non-dentists including dental students, Lab techs, assistants, oral myologists, osteopaths, chiropractors who displays an active interest in orthotropics.

Membership Fee: £100 per annum

Honorary Member 
As determined by criteria set up by the board.


Terms and Conditions

The webmaster retains the copyright for all written and graphic material including names and addresses. Members and supporters have permission to create single copies for private purposes provided they acknowledge the source. Permission must be obtained from the webmaster before any material from the site may be used or reproduced for commercial purposes.

Orthotropics® is a registered name that literally means 'Growth Guidance'. Subscribers have license to use of it to describe their work. All use of the word 'Orthotropics®' is dependent on maintaining the standards that shall from time to time be determined.

The webmaster reserves the right to exclude or remove anyone who makes untruthful or unreasonable claims. The webmaster also has absolute discretion, to change the layout or purpose of the site, to add or remove written or graphic material, names of individuals, organisations or businesses. In the case of a dispute, all members, supporters and others who use this site agree to be bound by the decision of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, 24 Angel Gate, City Road, London, UK. EC1V 2RS.

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