Dsmile Body Balance Training

Dsmile Body Balance Training A new perspective in craniofacial functional medicine Have you ever wondered how you can make your therapy more effective? Have you experienced that orofacial myofunctional imbalance prevented your treatment progress? Would you like to improve your succes rate?Prepare yourself for the new paradigm in medicine. Prepare your practice for the new area in […]

Orthodontics must change by Prof. John Mew

You Tube video here Growth Direction: Can it be Changed? At the 2005 Northcroft Memorial Lecture, Professor Nigel Hunt said “Of all the problems that confront us, it is abnormalities in the vertical dimension, whether they be in the growing child or the adult, which still present the greatest difficulties both in treatment itself, as […]

Orthodontics needs to change by Prof. John Mew

You Tube Video here ORTHODONTICS NEEDS TO CHANGE  Root Resorption: Does it Matter? Most orthodontics in Britain is carried out with fixed appliances and is usually associated with some root resorption. I think most orthodontists are embarrassed about this resorption but accept it as unavoidable. However we are left with little idea of its consequence […]

Oral Posture and Faces

“Close your mouth, Michael, we are not a codfish”, Marry Poppins 1964 There is an old wives tale in most cultures that run something like this; “Shut your mouth or the wind will change and it will set like that”. Like many old wives’ tails, there is a strong suggestion that within it is an […]

Facial Shape and Sleep Apnoea

Within this site are several well-supported texts discussing how external influences in the modern environment are leading to a lengthening of the anterior facial skeleton. This is well illustrated if you compare the tracing of a primitive skull shape with a modern average such as is used by orthodontists when they are planning treatment (see […]

Stop Snoring

Snoring is due to vibration of the ‘soft palate’ (the flap of tissue at the back of your mouth). It is caused by air passing either side of this flap when the mouth is open, rather like a flag waving from side to side. Obviously it will not flap if you breathe through your nose […]

Make your Face Beautiful

Make your face beautiful with correct oral posture Ever since the work of Eva Fraserpeople have been aware that the function and posture of the muscles of the face can influence the shape of the face and that the shape of the face was not set in stone. Under the skin are muscles that are […]

To Avoid Lifelong Retainers

In the 1800’s, parents began to be concerned about the increasing number of children developing with crowded and irregular teeth and set back jaws. In the US, a dentist named Edward Angle, developed a method for straightening teeth by fixing wires to them and pulling them with screws and ligatures onto a larger wire, which […]

To Extract or Not?

History Over the last 100 years the consensus of professional opinion, in regard to extracting teeth has swung from almost never extracting teeth to almost always extracting teeth and halfway back with possibly a more mixed standpoint in today’s more diverse and international society. At each swing practitioners holding the opposing view were considered outcasts. […]

Why are Teeth Crooked?

All problems are a mix of genes and the environment. The genetic influence on facial development is obvious and environmental things such as thumb sucking has long been recognised. It is not often appreciated how influential the environment is and what a dramatic effect on facial shape changing this can make. Interestingly all our ancestors […]